Patient Testimonials


After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer over two years ago I began several months of chemotherapy including two surgeries. I was so ill when I began this journey that I didn't think I would survive the treatment plan given to me by my oncologist. My son suggested acupuncture. At first I was apprehensive, but was willing to try anything that didn't involve more pills or chemicals. Kristin was so caring and skilled that immediately I was at ease. She worked diligently to alleviate all of the dreadful symptoms associated with chemotherapy, ie nausea, vomiting, dehydration, neuropathy, insomnia, constipation, malaise and fatigue. Her expertise in the art of acupuncture and proficiency in the anatomy of the human body greatly relieved all of the discomfort throughout.

In addition to this illness, I sustained a foot injury four years ago that left me in daily pain. Surgery for this particular injury is very complex and not recommended. Once again, Kristin applied her talents and the result is that I am now living "pain free"!

I feel truly blessed and will continue my acupuncture sessions with Kristin for general health and well being. Also, I wish to extend my gratitude to Kristin for her knowledge, support and kindness.  - R.O.



I am grateful to have the opportunity to tell anyone reading this about my experience with Kristin over the years.  She is a skilled acupuncturist whose approach, always kind and compassionate, makes patients feel at ease and respected.  She listens attentively, intuitively decides on a course of treatment, follows through with gentleness, listening and responding to feedback from her patients. She brings a deep knowledge and understanding of the human body and the very subtle signs indicating areas that are out of balance. She has successfully treated me for a variety of health difficulties, large and small.  I have never been disappointed in the outcome of her treatments and am grateful to have such a competent, wise, and compassionate person supporting me in my quest to maintain and improve my health.  - C.L.



Kristin's work helps me on many levels- physically and emotionally. She is kind, nurturing and always addresses the issues each visit. My long-time work with Kristin has kept me healthy and has proven to be most beneficial.  - R.F.



Kristin has really helped me over the years with a lot of physical issues. My recovery has been better and shorter. - D.E.


I have been a patient/client of Kristin Wisgirda for 2 years. She is hands down the best physician/therapist I have encountered in my 62 years of life. I have diabetes, arthritis, and tinnitus all treated successfully with acupuncture. My A1C (blood glucose over 3 months) came down over 1 full percentage point, likewise my arthritis and tinnitus lessened considerably as well.

My ankles, knees, hips and shoulders are now aligned and my lifelong poor posture has improved and I am pain free thanks to the posture alignment method of that Kristin practices.

I think everyone should experience the energy flow and healing process that comes with acupuncture treatments. It can and should be a sublime experience. It is both a physical and spiritual experience. I highly recommend a visit to this practice for your medical woes as well as for the meditative benefits derived from the treatment.  - P. W.


I have been a patient of Kristin's for over 2 years. She has helped me, both physically and psychologically, through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She has also worked with me to alleviate a myriad of physical issues restoring my quality of life, while maintaining a pleasant, professional manner. Her extensive knowledge of herbal treatments has helped me on more than one occasion. She is a good listener and is always respectful of my likes and dislikes regarding treatment. I admire her continued commitment to furthering her education, and have often been the recipient of her learning. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristin Wisgirda.  - P.G.