Saam Mentoring

Kristin is Toby Daly's teaching assistant for Saam Acupuncture. She has been moderating the Saam forum on since its inception. Deeply understanding the foundations of Saam is key to effective and safe practice. Kristin enjoys helping students develop Saam specific observation skills and providing students with practical tools to help them get clear with this powerful system.  


Cost: $110/hour. $100 for White Pine Circle members or those part of my subscription forum.


Please contact Kristin at to set up a phone call, a Zoom session or email exchanges.


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Flourish Medicine


118 Broad Street

Cloverdale CA 95425



February 10, 2021


To Whom It May Concern:


I am pleased to highly recommend Kristin to anyone interested in learning how to apply the principles of the Saam acupuncture tradition to their clinical practice. Kristin attended the very first Introduction to Saam workshop at the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine in January of 2019. Fascinated with the tradition, Kristin went on to attend three more workshops and deepen her knowledge.

Since then, Kristin has become the moderator of the lively and influential Saam discussion forum on Qiological. I have worked closely with Kristin as she ensures the clear dissemination of the tradition in her role as moderator. In this role, I have found Kristin to be consistently thoughtful, kind, and impeccable as she guides students to safely incorporate the tradition into their practices. 

In January of this year she became the first teaching assistant for the tradition. By marrying her twenty years of clinical experience to her dedication to the Saam tradition she would serve as an ideal mentor. I recommend her without reservation.


Toby Daly, PhD, LAc